Colombia: Sisters split by tragedy reunite after 30 years
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Colombia: Sisters split by tragedy reunite after 30 years

Two sisters separated as young children after an avalanche destroyed their hometown in Colombia have been reunited three decades later.

Yaqueline Vasquez Sanchez and Lorena Sanchez were separated in 1985 when a volcano erupted, triggering the avalanche that killed at least 20,000 people in the rural town of Armero. The two sisters were adopted by separate families and didn’t know each other’s fate.

“I only found out on Sunday that we are sisters,” an emotional Yaqueline told reporters at a Bogotá press conference. The 39-year-old lives in Bogotá with her two children, while Lorena lives in the city of Ibagué with her daughter, El Nuevo Día reports.

Lorena spent years investigating her origins and was finally reunited with her sister through a combination of DNA testing, a Facebook entreaty and a foundation dedicated to helping the victims of the catastrophe.

They met each other as adults for the first time Thursday. The sisters, aged 33 and 39, hugged and marveled at their physical resemblance.

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