Easter Island latest hit by Aedes aegypti mosquito
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Easter Island latest hit by Aedes aegypti mosquito

Chile’s health ministry has reported 10 new cases of dengue on Easter Island, some 3,500 kilometres west of the mainland.

The ministry says that eight adults and two minors from the same family have been infected but are recovering. The new cases bring the total to 14, in the Chilean territory in the South Pacific.

Easter Island is the only place in Chile where the Aedes aegypti mosquito is present. The mosquito can also carry viruses such as chikungunya and the Zika that has spread throughout the Americas.

The ministry said Thursday that 26 suspicious cases were ruled out for dengue but are still being investigated for Zika and other diseases.

Easter Island is visited by thousands of tourists annually and is best-known for its giant stone statues.

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