Evo Morales reveals he lost a child
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Evo Morales reveals he lost a child

Bolivian President Evo Morales has shocked the country’s media, and his own supporters, after revealing he lost a child in 2007.

Morales’ ex-partner, Gabriela Zapata, has faced allegations of influence-peddling for the company CAMC Engineering (CAMCE) of which she is commercial director.

CAMCE is linked to seven ongoing engineering projects in Bolivia, for an estimated total value of $556 million.

According to Bolivian press, Zapata is a successful 28-year-old lawyer and business woman, infobae reports.

“I met Gabriela Zapata Montaño in 2005. It’s true that she was my partner. In 2007 we had a baby which sadly we lost. We then went through a difficult period and separated,” Morales commented at a recent press conference.

The mandate insists he has heard nothing from Zapata since 2007, up until last week when he uncovered that she had remarried and was since leading the engineering firm. Morales has denied that CAMCE is undertaking any influence-peddling with Chinese companies.

He has added that his right-wing opposers are engaging in a ‘dirty war’ as Morales faces a vote to establish whether he will remain in power until 2019.

Evo Morales currently has two children from two different mothers. On various occasions he has emphasized that he remains “married to Bolivia” placing politics before family ties.

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