Is Chile in the midst of a culinary revolution?
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Is Chile in the midst of a culinary revolution?

Chef Rodolfo Guzmán, whose restaurant ‘Boragó’ has reached second place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing certainly seems to think so.

Guzmán is inspired by Chilean indigenous group the Mapuche. After experimenting with unusual ingredients and combinations, the chef can now be found in his own food laboratory on the second floor of his restaurant, in one of the more exclusive areas of Chilean capital Santiago, EFE reports.

“We haven’t invented or discovered anything. The only thing that we have done is look and use what we can find around us,” Guzmán said. The chef has established his own organic food network, with free range milk and produce which is used in the restaurant.

“Chefs are artists and we use our intuition. We work just like biologists, anthropologists and botanists. We are very patient and with a great hunger to learn.”

In fact, Guzmán’s new style of cuisine is even a threat to neighboring Peru, famed for it’s diverse and exciting culinary calendar.

“Chile is experiencing a gastronomic revolution,” Guzmán added.

Using the 750 different types of algae which can be found along the country’s 4,000 kilometers of coastline, Guzmán creates and experiments with new flavor combinations.

Peru had better watch out, Rodolfo Guzmán looks set to place Chile firmly on the world’s gastronomy map.

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