Mexico: 124 crocs crushed and suffocated in transit
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Mexico: 124 crocs crushed and suffocated in transit

Mexico has suffered an environmental tragedy of a different kind, as 124 crocodiles perished while in transit in the northeast of the country.

The 350 reptiles were being transported from the city of Culiacán, in Sinaloa state. Yet during the 2,550 kilometer trip the crocs were “crushed and suffocated” prior to reaching the Cocodrilla reptile sanctuary, according to Mexico’s Environmental Prosecutor’s Office.

“There was neglect in the management and transport of the crocodiles,” the Office said in a release, infobae reports.

The transport company faces a fine of between $193 or even $193,000 for it’s neglectful behavior.

Cocodrilla is currently home to 4,956 crocodiles. Central America is famed for it’s transport and illegal trafficking of exotic animals, destined for wealthy collectors in the U.S.

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