Mexico: Meet Edgar, 10 years later
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Mexico: Meet Edgar, 10 years later

Aged 11-years-old, Edgardo Martínez had little idea that he was going to become an instant Youtube star. Nor did Edgar, under the video title ‘Edgar’s fall’, realize that the video would become a viral hit.

Now ten years later, the 21-year-old student has spoken up about the video.

“I was really shocked, firstly in relation to the social implications as it began when I was being bullied in school, but when the video became famous people began to ask me for photos and autographs,” he told La Primera Plana.

“It was more difficult for my family, when we left the house people interrupted us. At first lots of people wanted to get to know me and I got a bit depressed,” he adds.

Martínez was soon invited to appear on national television and found himself the focus of a media storm.

Now, to mark the 2006 video, Edgar has spoken up and released his own Youtube video.

If you missed Edgar’s original fall, here it is below: