Mexico: Uproar as police flee crime scene
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Mexico: Uproar as police flee crime scene

A Youtube video showing police fleeing from a crime scene has gone viral in Mexico.

The police can be seen fleeing from an armed group, who later went on to murder a young man, 27-year-old Elías Constantino.

The crime, which occurred in Mexico’s northern Sinaloa state, has shocked Mexican media and beyond. In the video, which contains violent imagery, two members of the gang can be seen taking the kidnapped victim out from the house in which he is being held. Three shots are then heard.

Screams and shouts from the victim’s family members can also be heard in the video, displaying their distress and disgust against the police force’s actions.

“They are going to kill him,” a woman can be heard screaming as Constantino is hauled onto a waiting truck.

The gang members’ identities are still unknown, although Sinaloa’s Security Secretary Paúl Ramírez Pineda told local media that the fleeing police were later arrested.

“They are being held under an arrest warrant,” assistant justice attorney for the state, Jesús Antonio Sánchez Solís commented, BBC Mundo reports.

Local mayor Bonifacio Bustamente defended the police’s actions, praising them for standing down due to lack of firepower and backup. Yet their highly broadcasted actions continue to divide Mexico.

“It’s unfair, how were they going to take them (the criminals) on if their guns don’t work and the anti-bullet vest is just fabric, of course they couldn’t risk it, they would have been killed there and then,” a relative of one of the police under arrest commented.

This video contains violent and upsetting imagery.

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