Nicolás Maduro has spelling slip-up
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Nicolás Maduro has spelling slip-up

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has avoided being in the media spotlight during recent months.

As Venezuela continues to try to combat flailing oil prices, rationing and black outs, not to mention the ongoing border closure with neighboring Colombia, the mandate has certainly had his work cut out.

Yet a recent spelling error has once again propelled Maduro back onto Youtube fame. In this video, the mandate trips up while trying to spell ‘Bolívar’, Semana magazine reports.

Famed Simón Bolívar (1783-1830) was a Venezuelan military leader who played a main role in the liberation of Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru from Spanish rule. He is so admired in his native Venezuela that late president Hugo Chávez even founded the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ a leftist social movement inspired by the great leader himself.

While missing an accent might not seem such a big deal to English speakers, in Spanish such a slip-up can effect the pronunciation of a word.

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