Paraguay’s ‘Miss Gordita’ pageant reveals 2016 contestants
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Paraguay’s ‘Miss Gordita’ pageant reveals 2016 contestants

Organizers of Paraguay’s ‘Miss Gordita’ beauty pageant have revealed the 15 contestants who will take part in this year’s version of the event.

Miss Gordita, a beauty contest for plus-sized women, aims to increase self-esteem in overweight and obese women.

Around six in every ten adults are reportedly overweight or obese in Paraguay.

The women will now embark on a three-month long training plan, prior to the selection of this year’s Miss Gordita, Mike Beras the pageant coordinator explained.

“We want to build these girls’ self-esteem, that’s why we have medical assessments, it’s not to make them lose weight but it’s so that they learn to accept themselves and are able to face discrimination, taking the right decision for them,” Beras told EFE.

Miss Gordita’s contestants are also involved in promoting self-esteem and awareness in relation to eating disorders in schools and universities across the country.

“Obesity and being overweight are tabu in Paraguay. Society only accepts overweight people when they are on a diet.” Beras added.

“The best part is seeing these girls progress, from the very beginning to the end of the progress their self-esteem changes drastically. These are normally women who have to then go back to work where they are discriminated against, back to shops where clothes in their size are hidden away.”

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