Pope Francis warns against “dialogue with the devil”
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Pope Francis warns against “dialogue with the devil”

Pope Francis is telling Mexicans at a huge outdoor Mass that there can be “no dialogue with the devil.”

The pontiff says that’s because “he will always defeat us, (and) only the power of the word of God can defeat him.”

Speaking out against the drug trade and associated violence is a central theme of the pope’s five-day visit.

Francis’ comment came as he briefly departed from prepared remarks during his homily in Ecatepec, a hardscrabble city of 1.6 million outside the Mexican capital. The city has been afflicted by murders, kidnappings and extortion by criminal gangs.

During Mass, Francis warned the faithful that the devil, “the father of lies,” tries to divide society and that Mexicans must resist the temptations of wealth, vanity and pride.

He said people who take things for their own use that are destined for all are taking the “bread based on the toil of others, or even at the expense of their very lives.” He said: “This is the bread that a corrupt family or society gives its own children.”

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