Santos ups operations against the ELN
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Santos ups operations against the ELN

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said he will up operations against guerrilla group the ELN following an attack against the army in the state of Arauca, along the Venezuela-Colombia border.

Santos has proposed beginning peace talks with the group, with Quito suggested as a seat for the negotiations.

The talks are allegedly on hold due to an increase in guerrilla activity within the area, as neighboring President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro has affirmed that the group still has a marked presence over the border.

“We will also up operations against trafficking and organized crime. Arauca deserves peace.” Santos tweeted.

“I have ordered that we intensify operations against the ELN and all criminal attacks which they commit,” the mandate commented during an emergency security summit held in Arauca on Monday, the AFP reports.

The attack was carried out against brigade 18 of the Colombian army.

“The ELN are completely wrong if they think that with these military actions and attacks of this kind they are opening the path to peace. If they think that they are going to reach the negotiating table then they are totally wrong,” Santos added.

No date has as yet been set for the Quito talks.

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