Save water: Shower Brazilian style
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Save water: Shower Brazilian style

Yes Latin America might be experiencing soaring temperatures and drought, one Brazilian has taken it into his own hands to share his water-sharing technique with social media.

While the country might currently be making it into international headlines due to the Zika virus, water rationing and shortages are also a serious problem.

Addressing the camera, this Brazilian has it sorted – all you need is a bucket or container the size of your head.

“This is a new way to save water!” he says, before placing his head into the container.

With the full container balanced precariously on his head, he proceeds to lather up – simply lifting the container to release a steady stream of water to wash away the soap suds.

While this unusual showering technique might not go viral, with some 985 videos on Youtube so far this video is well worth a watch!

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