The Colombian “Fellowship of the Ring” starring the Police director, a Deputy Minister and a journalist
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The Colombian “Fellowship of the Ring” starring the Police director, a Deputy Minister and a journalist

Far, far removed from the trilogy of books written by J.R.R. Tolkien, or Peter Jackson’s movie version, this is one of the most peculiar scandals that Colombia has seen during the past few years.

The saga stars a journalist from Colombia’s La FM station, Vicky Dávila: the host of one of the most popular morning radio programs broadcast in the country, who had been publishing a long list of complaints against senior members of the National Police, including its director, Rodolfo Palomino.

According to Dávila’s published allegations, Palomino allegedly used his status and healthy paycheque to undertake three covert operations: illicit enrichment, illegal spying on journalists, and his relation with a prostitution network operating inside the Police. Due to these these dirty allegations, La FM said, the General Procurator opened an investigation that led to Palomino’s resignation.


As El Espectador summarized, the Palomino’s marked capital increase was connected to Palomino’s purchase of various lots located outside Bogotá and “the person who sold the lots to the general Palomino was the retired Colonel Jerson Castellanos, designated to be the “brain” of the alleged prostitution ring that would have been created in the Police.” The operations were uncovered and documented by La FM, due to which Dávila and her team were illegally watched by the country’s Police force.

But it did not stop there. Eager for more, Dávila published a video where one of her main sources, a policeman called Anyelo Palacios, was holding an intimate sexual content conversation with the Deputy Minister Carlos Ferro. Ferro would have been a client of Castellanos, who knew about the sexual tastes of some congressmen and provided them with cadets that pleased their wishes in exchange for officers’s promotions, Semana added.

The video was intended to demonstrate the existence of a prostitution network called “The Fellowship of the Ring”, but the video also revealed personal and intimate details of both men, exposing their private lifes openly. The video proved that the former parlamentarian had had a relationship with a policeman, but it also showed that it would had been consensual.

At this point, Ferro had to resign, and a complex dispute arose over the boundaries of the media in relation to completing investigations and reporting. As daily El Espectador published, the report resulted in the subsequent resignation of the journalist.

Ongoing investigations

Today, the investigations remain ongoing,  leaving a marked feeling of disappointment in the air. Palomino is being investigated, but also honored by the Police for his services. El Tiempo informed that the former Congress president Hernán Andrade was recently requested to comment in relation to the case.

Ferro’s wife appeared on Blu Radio commenting that the video involved both “him and me as a couple”. She said she was not allowing “external things” to damage 20 years of marriage, and that they were going to struggle through for their family.

Finally Dávila has faced hardline questioning in relation to her social policies and morales. The journalist defended her team and her work. As stated in the interview she had with Daniel Coronell in Semana, she even accused President Juan Manuel Santos of being involved in her resignation.