This is how absent fathers are punished in the Andes
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This is how absent fathers are punished in the Andes

He ignored the courts and laughed at the authorities, but it all ended in tears for this man who refused to make payments to his former wife for the upkeep of his child.

According to Cajamarca Reporteros, the motor-taxi driver from the Namora district of Cajamarca, Peru, had been repeatedly ordered to appear before the local court for failing to provide familial assistance. The man had refused to respond to the complaint and evaded attempts to bring him in by police officers.

The man’s ex-wife had raised their child alone, after discovering her former partner had set up home with another woman, pretending to be single.

Tiring of the man’s behaviour and the verbal and physical abuse directed towards her mother and sisters, the ex-wife and (in a strange twist) the new woman solicited the assistance of local peasant patrols -a form of local law enforcement heavily relied upon by communities in the Andes- to help them in their plight.

However, instead of recognizing his obligations, the man threatened to kill the patrolman sent out to notify him.

As a result, the entire patrol made the trip to Namora. The man was eventually apprehended and subjected to some rather rough justice: whipping and some push ups.

“Obey and respect your community, your mother, father and family,” declared the patrolman as a whip was sharply brought down on the now tearful and contrite man.

After being punished, the man got down on his knees asked for forgiveness for “causing problems” to his former partner’s family.

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