Venezuela: Opposition leader calls for referendum against Maduro
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Venezuela: Opposition leader calls for referendum against Maduro

Former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles was preparing to collect some 3.9 million signatures, Wednesday, in an attempt to establish a voter referendum set to oust current President Nicolás Maduro.

The proposed referendum aims to cut Maduro’s presidential term, currently scheduled to end in 2019.

Capriles leads the more moderate wing of Venezuela’s opposition.

Maduro has remained on a collision course with opposition leaders since critics of Venezuela’s socialist government took control of Congress in January for the first time in more than a decade. Last week, the Supreme Court overturned the one decision Congress has made since being sworn in.

Venezuela has been plagued by rationing, blackouts and increased shortages since under the leadership of the socialist leader. Oil, the country’s main export, has reached annual inflation of around 141.5 percent, according to Vanguardia.

Capriles narrowly lost out to Maduro during the 2013 elections. “How are people going to say no to a referendum?” he said, confident that the signatures will be presented in time.

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