Adam Levine loses out to a footlong
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Adam Levine loses out to a footlong

One-Subway loving Maroon 5 fan was faced with a difficult choice on Thursday, as the multiplatinum group played the Bogotá phase of their Latin American tour.

María Alejandra, a self-confessed sandwich lover, missed the concert after waiting in a five hour line for Subway’s 2×1 promotion.

“I been waiting for both things for weeks: the concert and the promotion, but the Subway line was taking ages and I had to choose between the sandwich and the songs.”

“I know that (Adam) will understand, I was going to share the sandwiches that I had bought.” she told Actualidad Panamericana.

Fan page ‘Adoradoras de Adam’ have since released a statement apologizing to the Maroon 5 frontman.