Argentina: Breathtaking Perito Moreno glacier collapse
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Argentina: Breathtaking Perito Moreno glacier collapse

It’s one of Argentina’s top tourist attractions, with some 3,000 visitors making the trip to the Parque Nacional los Glaciares in Santa Cruz each year.

Hundreds of onlookers were awarded with a spectacular sight on Thursday, when huge chunks of the “White Giant” crashed into the water. Part of a 30 kilometer river of ice, the phenomenon ends in a sheer wall, blocking nearby Lago Argentino.

“I’m very grateful to have such a fantastic opportunity, it’s like a gift to be able to see this. I have waited for years, life is passing by and there aren’t many years left,” Pedro Svarka, an Argentine scientist who has dedicated years of his life to the Santa Cruz ice field told La Nación.

As one of the few fanatics who spent the night in the national park, Svarka and a few others experienced a false alarm upon hearing chunks of ice fall into the water on Wednesday night.

Argentina’s spectacular ice field remains under threat as soaring temperatures and climate change mean that time could soon be up for this fantastic natural phenomenon.