Chile’s ‘squirrel’ Sebastián Alvarez completes 2,000 meter wingsuit jump
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Chile’s ‘squirrel’ Sebastián Alvarez completes 2,000 meter wingsuit jump

Ex-fighter pilot and airforce daredevil Sebastián Alvarez is a lover of extreme sports.

Having hurled himself off cliffs, bridges and high rise buildings, the ‘squirrel’ as he is known, has plunged back into the headlines after completing a 2,000 meter wingsuit jump above the Costanero Center in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

The Costanero Center is currently the tallest building in South America.

“My dream has always been to fly. It has always been on my mind and little by little, I have achieved it.” Alvarez commented in an interview with Chile travel.

Plummeting towards the ground at 250 kilometer per hour, Alvarez’s jump was recorded by around ten cameras, strapped onto his suit and at various points on the ground.

“I left the air force because this is my passion and my dream. Using a wingsuit requires concentration, your mental state and physical capacity is taken to the limit and it tests you. There’s no margin of error,” he told Terra.

Alvarez admits that pre-jump nerves are normal.

“Sometimes I feel fear, but it’s a controlled fear and it’s super positive because my senses and my body are fully alert and aware of what is going on. It is natural to feel fear, throwing yourself off of a mountain into the great unknown is risky and if you didn’t feel fear, it would be very strange and even dangerous.”

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