Good samaritan pays electric bill in Bogotá
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Good samaritan pays electric bill in Bogotá

You’re unemployed, down on your luck, and you find a bundle of banknotes and an electricity bill. Would you pay it?

That’s exactly what one Colombian woman did in Bogotá, and she even left a note!

“I popped out to pay the bill and had the money in my trouser pocket. I was waiting in line and when I reached the till I released that I had lost the money.” Paula Martínez, told CNN.

Paula, who lives with her two daughters, husband and parents in law recalls how she was “worried” that the family didn’t have enough money to pay for their electric, at a total of 150,000 pesos (around $50).

Yet the goodwill of an anonymous samaritan was about to change the family’s fate. When Paula’s husband arrived home he found a note on the doorstep and the paid receipt. The family soon put the note on Facebook in an attempt to find their mystery benefactor, Sandra:

hoy salia a pagar el recibo de la luz, por descuido lo perdí,el con el dinero, lo busque con la esperanza de hallarlo…

Posted by Paula Martinez on Thursday, 10 March 2016

“I found this receipt and the money so I paid it. Pray for me, I need a job. Sandra.” The note reads.

“I would like to talk to the woman and thank her for what she did and let her know I can help her during the difficult situation that she is going through,” Paula wrote in her Facebook post.

Colombian and various international outlets have since shared the note, under the twitter hashtag #EncontremosaSandra.