Kate del Castillo speaks up about ‘heartstopping’ meeting with El Chapo
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Kate del Castillo speaks up about ‘heartstopping’ meeting with El Chapo

After months of silence, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo has finally spoken up about her “mini-heart attack” inducing meeting with kingpin Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

In an essay, which hasn’t gone down too well with her critics, del Castillo comments ‘He looked at me and I felt like I was dying.”

The actress took to social media about the release of her article, tweeting “Today, it’s the truth.”

The Reina del Sur soap star describes how she was contacted by Guzmán’s lawyers who mentioned that the drug lord was keen to embark on a new movie project,from Proceso

It was a very direct chat. During our meeting I kept very alert. My throat and stomach closed up, I lost all my appetite, I felt sedated, my mouth was dry. But I thought that they would take it badly if I didn’t order anything to eat, so I ordered something light. They explained to me that Mr. Guzmán had received various offers from Hollywood studios to create a movie based on his life story.

Del Castillo then goes on to mention her infamous meeting with Guzmán, which led Hollywood actor Sean Penn to publish his highly criticized article with Rolling Stone magazine.

My voice might have been firm, but everything inside me trembled, I felt like nothing. His gaze –which he hadn’t taken off me– cut even deeper into mine. It was like a mini heart attack, I wanted to die. Seconds seemed eternal, until he replied “Amiga, you’ve got a big heart, that’s good.”

Del Castillo’s delayed reply coincides with Guzmán’s attempts to accelerate his extradition to the U.S., citing ill health.