Latin America switches off for earth hour
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Latin America switches off for earth hour

This Saturday, March 19, millions of homes, businesses and landmarks switched off their lights in support of WWF initiative ‘Earth Hour’.

From 8:30p.m. a total of 178 countries around the globe switched off to support the campaign, which aims to promote climate change awareness, El País reports.

From the Sydney Opera house to the Eiffel tower, hundreds of famous landmarks turned off their lights, while thousands enjoyed free activities such as midnight bicycle rides, late night zoo trips and even free zumba classes.

“We now need people to change their lifestyle and support civilized development” head of communications for WWF Latin America, Julio Mario Fernández commented. Adding that what needs to be translated is “countries willingness to act,”.

COP21, the Paris based climate change summit certainly seems to have had an impact in Latin America, where supporters of the initiative were able to vote online to save either a species or its habitat. From the blue whale to the Paraguayan Chaco were in the running, with over 25,000 internet users taking part according to WWF.

Across the continent countries switched off in solidarity, with 86 Brazilian cities, 13 in Argentina, six in Bolivia, five in Chile, 10 in Mexico and even four in Ecuador taking part.

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