Mexico: Sexual violence on the up
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Mexico: Sexual violence on the up

A study completed by the Executive Victims Attention Commission (CEAV) has revealed that around 600,000 sexual violence cases were reported between 2010 and 2015. That’s around 1,345 cases per day, UNOTV reports.

In a study entitled “The other invisible victims”, it was outlined that 90 percent of the victims are women. The report includes official information from 16 of Mexico’s states.

Nine out of ten attacks are believed to be carried out by men aged between 16 and 45-years-of-age.

“In terms of frequency, initial studies have revealed that half of sexual crimes are committed in the room or home of the victims, in terms of their relationship to the aggressor, we know that 59 percent of the victims knew their attacker” CEAV director Anita Suárez comments.

The report also revealed that four out of every ten women attacked were under 15-years-old, El Universal reports.

Increasing cases of violent attacks committed against women, and even femicide, continue to present concern for NGOs and governments across Latin America. A recent Amnesty International report highlighted various state related issues as a catalyst for violence.

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