Naked tourists stopped at Machu Picchu
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Naked tourists stopped at Machu Picchu

It might have been voted in as a seventh wonder of the world via an internet poll, but tourists are now visiting the Inca citadel for more than just a quick photo with an alpaca.

In fact, tourist police from the nearby UNESCO town of Cusco have had to intervene on more than one occasion, as tourists are choosing the stunning backdrop to engage in some naked holiday snaps.


Photo: RPP, courtesy of Cusco tourist police.

The latest offenders, Xavier Mariec (28) from France and Brit Adam Burton (23) were stopped at the site, which has recently been closed for maintenance work, according to Perú 21.

The country’s ministry of culture has begun a crackdown against all forms of nudity at the site since 2014, which remains an important religious setting for the region’s various local communities.

In February 2014, a couple posted a Youtube video of themselves streaking across the site while guards gave chase.

Mariec and Burton were forcibly removed from the tourist hotspot by onsite security.