Remains of mystery meteorite found in Colombia
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Remains of mystery meteorite found in Colombia

The remains of a meteorite that is believed to have brought on the mass extinction of the dinosaurs has been found on the island of Gorgonilla, in the Colombian Pacific.

Remains of spherulites, small rounded bodies, have been identified in the rock fragment, believed to have formed part of a larger continental platform, where Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula can be found today, according to Pulzo.

The meteorite hit earth around 66 million years ago resulting in mass tsunamis and drastic climate change prior to mass extinction.

After analysing the fragment under a microscope, small fragments of crystals have been identified, enabling scientists to establish the sample’s age.

“It’s evidence from the when the meteorite hit, milimiter-sized particles that are the result of when the rock struck,” geologist Hermann Bermúdez commented, currently involved in the investigation.

This is the first meteorite fragment to be found in South America.