Starbucks upsets ex-Colombian president over cocaine-linked advert
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Starbucks upsets ex-Colombian president over cocaine-linked advert

Ex-Colombian president Andrés Pastrana was horrified after being invited to attend the fourth World Forum in the Azerbaijan capital of Baku.

Having popped into Starbucks for a quick coffee break, the mandate took to Twitter upon reading a placard promoting Colombian coffee: “Nariño it’s not a cocaine”.

Pastrana was so upset, Pulzo reports, that the politician uploaded a photo:

Although Starbucks are directly responsible for this stereotypical slip-up it was Ramil Farzaliev, head of Azerbaijan’s Colombia-based diplomatic mission who spoke up.

“I am very sorry for this situation. I am going to speak to the management to make sure that they get rid of this advert and I will personally get in contact with Starbucks. Colombian coffee cannot be promoted like this,” the diplomat told Semana magazine.

“In Azerbaijan we see Colombia as potential commercial partner, we love its flowers, its culture. It’s a country with which we will sign various commercial contracts this year.” Farzaliev added.

“We are very sorry that an offensive sign was displayed in our Mall 28 store in Baku, Azerbaijan. Once we became aware, we immediately removed the sign and began investigating how this happened. We recognize that we fell short of the mark here and we apologize wholeheartedly for any offense caused.” An official Starbucks spokesperson has commented.

Upon Pastrana’s return, the placard had been changed to read “Ask for the coffee of your dreams”.