Uruguay gains new Guinness World Record for roasting chickens
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Uruguay gains new Guinness World Record for roasting chickens

Uruguay has gained a new Guinness World Record after some six thousand chickens were roasted on Sunday, February 28, in Maldonado.

Three long lines of people brandished skewers and utensils around twelve massive grills.

Thousands flocked to the event motivated by curiosity in an attempt to fundraise for a local nursing home that currently houses a hundred elderly people and has been in financial difficulties situation for some time, daily El Pais reports. 

The initiative was called the “Guinness World Record: six thousand roast chicken” and was organized by Alberto Sena, owner of a local grill restaurant called La Balanza de Maldonado.

“The record sales of roast chicken was greatly unexpected. I think today we put on more than seven thousand kilos of roasted chickens. How amazing!” Sena said.

“We had planned to use between eight and nine thousand kilos of firewood. We used a total of seventeen thousand kilos,” he added.

Over 120 volunteers helped out with the preparation and roasting of the chicken. The amount of money expected to be raised  was around $10,000, and the overall amount raised is said to have well surpassed this, according to Sena.

International judge Evelyn Carrera announced that the participants had broken a new world record in roasting chickens during Sunday afternoon.

Uruguayan news site Subrayado tweeted a photo from the event:

“Uruguay achieves a new Guinness record with 7,000 kilos of roast chicken,” it reads in English.