Will Latino power stump Trump?
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Will Latino power stump Trump?

He’s called all Mexicans “criminals” and “rapists”, revealed outrageous plans to build a wall separating the U.S. from it’s Latin American neighbor and now even wants them to foot the bill yet Donald Trump continues to bulldoze through on his Republican campaign war path.

Taunted by rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at a Republican debate-turned-ugly on Thursday, the mandate hit back at “Little Marco” and “Lying Ted” in the only way he knew how. Bragging about the size of his man hood.

But Donald, the size of your packet means nothing when your popularity levels are at an all time low amongst Latin Americans across both continents.

Various famous faces have gotten involved in the anti-Trump media storm during the past few months, from El Chapo to Paulina Rubio, yet the mandate wages on undeterred.


The latest famous face to get involved is none other than renowned Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa.

“[Trump] is a danger to the United States, a country which is much too important to have a racist clown in the White House.”

Mexican secretary of the treasury Luis Videgary Caso reaffirmed that the country won’t pay a peso “under any circumstances” for Trump’s hair brain wall, terming the project “a terrible idea” that was “dreamt up out of ignorance”.

In fact, President Enrique Peña Nieto has even banned the mandate from entering the country, according to Univision.

Trump is changing the electoral goal posts with his distinct campaign trail style, with a proposed crack down on immigration and planned rehaul of migrants’ rights winning votes amongst some voters. But is he any closer to the White House?

José Aristimuño, ex-media director for the Martin O’Malley campaign believes that the Hispanic population can play the mandate a trump card:

With 80 percent of the U.S. based Latinos against Donald Trump’s politics, it’s time to ensure that this 80 percent goes out to vote, not only during the presidential elections but also in the states which are as yet to decide on the future of the primaries.

Our community’s voice is strong and can make the difference to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t reach the White House.

Still the majority of Latino votes, most of whom choose to support the democrats, are sticking behind ex-first lady Hillary Clinton. The current difference between Trump and Clinton is 57 points, that’s the largest points gap since the 1970 U.S. elections, Clarin reports.

Chest beating and scare mongering tactics aside, could Trump be digging his own grave? It looks like the Latino vote may decide.

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