Why more international students are choosing Canada as an English language hub
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Why more international students are choosing Canada as an English language hub

For Latin American students looking to refine their English language skills and continue to further education or employment, Canada is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Canada ranks as the world’s seventh most popular destination for international students and has one of the fastest growing tertiary education sectors in the world. In 2008, more than 184,000 international students were studying in Canada. By 2014, this figure had almost doubled to more than 336,000.

International students are attracted to Canada for a number of reasons. The quality of education is extremely high, the population is diverse and welcoming, and it is one of the safest places to live. In fact, international students in Canada are so satisfied with their experience that 51 percent plan to apply for permanent residence and 37 percent plan to remain in the country to pursue further study.

One of the key reasons for Canada’s rise in popularity is that it has removed many of the barriers faced by international students: tuition fees and cost of living are relatively low, the visa process is easy, and universities and colleges have all the stepping stones in place to allow students to rise to their true potential.


Mount Royal University’s student. Image courtesy of : Mount Royal University

Key to this are the excellent English language programs put in place by Canadian universities, and English language schools that assist international applicants. From short language courses to full-time foundation programs, learning English as an additional language (EAL) in Canada is easy and cost effective.

The Languages Institute (LI) at Mount Royal University  (MRU) in Calgary offers a range of year-round, flexible English languages courses for adults. Serving students, professionals and businesses from around the world, Mount Royal allow students to develop their language skills in an inclusive university environment – all year around.

There are a variety of Summer and Winter English courses available. Younger students aged 13-17 are able to participate in intensive language camps that focus on improving listening and speaking skills. Students have the opportunity to complement language learning with classes in Music, Art, Science or Pre-University study, International Youth Leadership while participating in a wide range of cultural activities.

For adults aged 18 and over, MRU offers short-term Summer and Winter English Vacation Study Programs.

Students have the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture and environment of Calgary and surrounding areas while improving their English proficiency. There are options for students to participate in cultural tourism activities and to complete courses that will provide them with advanced skills related to their professional, academic or personal interests.

The full-time program offers three areas of study. Foundation English helps low proficiency learners prepare for Academic English, or English for Professional & Advanced Communication. Each term three months, and students can move between the areas depending on their proficiency level and their goals.

MRU also works with businesses and multicultural teams to provide language, intercultural and content specific training. Available in a variety of world languages, including English, the institute integrates language training with specific content to deliver a customized program.  This enables groups to meet the needs of their industries and business goals through innovation, customization and hands-on solution development.

MRU’s Teacher Education Program, meanwhile, provides professional development opportunities for international university faculty and English teachers. Courses support teaching content through English, enhancing instructional and academic research skills, and building internationalization into curriculum and practice.

Whether developing English language for further study or professional life, students are drawn to Mount Royal for its diverse and inclusive university environment. Comprised of a community of 12,000 students, MRU prides itself on high-quality teaching and small class sizes.

For international students looking to advance their studies, Mount Royal offers 12 bachelors degrees, covering subjects such as Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, Child Studies and Science, preparing students for the workforce, or to continue their studies at professional or graduate school.

For more information about Mount Royal’s services for language learners and businesses, visit their Languages Institute website.

You can also connect with Mount Royal on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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