Be the one who impacts your world: Study with a scholarship
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Be the one who impacts your world: Study with a scholarship

The thought of studying abroad might have crossed your mind, but you may well dismiss it after considering the cost of tuition fees and living expenses.  However, if you are an international student with your heart set on studying in Australia, Curtin University is the right place for you, as there’s plenty of financial aid available.  With its highly ranked courses, strong research focus, great industry links and vibrant campus environment, a postgraduate degree from Curtin University will add value to your current qualifications and experience, preparing you for a rewarding global career.

Curtin University is one of the best places for international students to study in the region because it represents the largest, most culturally diverse university in Western Australia, with a third of its 51,000 students hailing from outside the country. It also has a strong international focus and feel, with campuses not just in Perth, but also Singapore and Malaysia, that all lend it a global presence.

On top of a range of innovative courses that are internationally-recognised, Curtin University has a strong research focus with great industry contacts.  This is why it ranks within the top two percent of universities globally in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2016. These achievements have continued to make Curtin a popular study destination, particularly within the Faculty of Science and Engineering where it is ranked 19th in the world for Mineral and Mining Engineering, 40th in the world for Earth and Marine Sciences and within the top 100 for Chemical Engineering.


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Considered the most collaborative of Australian universities and the biggest mover in the Nature Index results for 2016, this places Curtin in the top 3 in the Asia-Pacific region.  Curtin’s courses are designed with direct input from industry, so students gain the most up-to-date skills and knowledge of the markets.

Why choose Curtin

Curtin accepts scholarship students enrolled in courses that are considered a high priority for countries where there’s a focus on innovation, scientific and technological growth; such as in Latin America and Asia.

A number of Latin American countries, for example, have set a goal of reaching diversified energy sources with a greater proportion of clean and renewable energy. Students from these countries that come to Curtin are therefore able to use the high-level expertise and technical knowledge they acquire during their course to tackle the numerous energy, mining and industrial reforms, as well as to address the challenges their home countries face within the engineering, economic, social and legal fields. In this way students from Curtin are able to aid in human development, create sustainable development and uphold a brighter, global future.

Curtin courses are also considered industry specific, providing students with plenty of opportunity for real-world experience through job placements, field work or even working with real-life clients.

Current students from the University have advised how to choose from the wide range of available universities, as well as the courses on offer.

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“I chose to come to Curtin because it has an amazing curriculum,” says Silvia, a Curtin Project Management student, originally from Peru, “and the scheduled programme for my coursework is really, really wonderful.”

“The content of the unit is very interesting for me,” adds Gonzalo, a Master of Petroleum Engineering student originally from Ecuador, “and also [something] I can apply in the future.”

What do the scholarships cover?

Curtin University has agreements in place to allow sponsored students to undertake their studies in Australia.  Most of the scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses and may also cover health insurance and flight tickets.

The International Sponsored Students Unit (ISSU) at Curtin looks after the pastoral care for sponsored students and allocates each sponsored student an officer to oversee their social, academic and other needs throughout their studies.

Which countries offer scholarships?

The scholarships are offered by several countries Latin America including Panama, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru.  There are also other funding schemes available in Spain, Sweden and Norway in Europe; and Indonesia in Asia. For full information on scholarships available around the world see Scholarships Funded by Home Country.

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What areas are covered by scholarships?

Most of the scholarships cover subject areas such as energy and natural resources, agriculture, engineering, oil and gas, sustainability, environmental studies, education, logistics, renewable energy, and water supply. The most recently added scholarship programs for Mexico, Paraguay and Panama cover programs in the fields of energy, minerals, environmental and sustainable sciences.

The application process

In order to be successful in the scholarship application, students should prepare well in advance, understanding the English and academic requirements specific to Curtin University. For example, applicants should first enquire about what scholarships their country offers before receiving a full study offer from Curtin. To apply to Curtin University they will need a bachelor degree + English: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Reading 13 – Listening 13 – Speaking 18 and Writing 21.

For entry to studies starting in the second semester of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, students should begin the application process now. Students may also use the services of a Curtin registered agent to help in the application process.

For more information go to the international pages for Curtin University and start making your preparations now.

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