The small school advantage at Mount Royal University
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The small school advantage at Mount Royal University

In an increasingly volatile global economy, rising costs of tuition and an obsession with ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) has made life pretty tough for the world’s education sector. With the question of “Is a degree really worth it?” burning in students’ minds around the world, it’s often the smallest, warmest and most inclusive universities that are too easily overlooked.

Although Mount Royal University, home to 12,000 individual undergraduate students, is far from the smallest institution in the nation, it still comparatively smaller than its main regional competitors. With a diverse study portfolio of 12 degree programs with more than 30 majors, the institution has done well to uphold a low student-teacher ratio, with an average of just 29 students in each class.

When Mount Royal first opened its doors more than a century ago, it embraced a tiny cohort of just 179 students. Today, though the university plays host to a considerably larger population enrolled in a varied syllabus that’s undoubtedly changed over time – Mount Royal’s primary focus has remained the same: to provide you an exceptional undergraduate educational experience with high-quality teaching within smaller class sizes.

“At Mount Royal, you are not just another number,” the institution states. “Instead, your professors and fellow students will know your name. You can be yourself.


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“Being recognized as an individual is a great feeling – and it enhances your education experience,” the university explains. “You will feel comfortable collaborating with your classmates and, if you need help, your professor’s door will be open.”

So how else do Mount Royal students receive the small school advantage?

Teachers are not only experienced, but also fully-committed to teaching…

For the majority of larger, research-intensive universities, such high emphasis is placed on research output that professors often rank it as their highest priority, which can lead to neglect of their students. But at undergraduate universities like Mount Royal, an institution that already boasts a long tradition of teaching excellence, the focus remains entirely on you. The university’s reputable faculty consistently achieve a high rating from satisfied students, who describe Mount Royal professors as knowledgeable, inspiring and engaging.

Mount Royal’s smaller size gives students more freedom and flexibility within its comprehensive curriculum…

As a university that appreciates each student on a personal level, Mount Royal understands that one size really does not fit all. Therefore, through a wide variety of programs including Bachelor’s Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, and EAL, the university ensures all students can find the program that suits them best.

Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities but are still supported from their first inquiry…

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Image courtesy of Mount Royal University

The process of applying to university can be intimidating especially if you’re applying for international student enrolment. At major universities that enrol many thousands of students each year, this process can be drawn out and difficult. Mount Royal ensures that students are supported so they are not overwhelmed from the moment they start filling out their application – even those applying from overseas. A clear and convenient admissions process saves students from any unnecessary stress, while exceptional student support services means students are never alone, and always feel at home in their unforgettable study abroad experience. Mount Royal’s modern residence complex not only offers you a single room in an apartment or townhouse type setting, it also adds an additional level of support and inclusion – not to mention being only minutes away from class.

But this really only touches the surface of just how beneficial studying at a smaller university can be – how about the fact that classes are taught by professors; or that work is marked much more carefully and efficiently; that students get the chance to practise more and therefore improve at a much faster rate; and the list goes on! Not only do the smaller classes enhance the Mount Royal academic experience, but the employment of practical learning techniques and meaningful work placements during their program means students spend more time getting hands-on experience so they are prepared for successful futures when they graduate.

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