4 Rising Stars of Australian Education
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4 Rising Stars of Australian Education

The number of students studying abroad has been on an upward trajectory over the last five years, with Australia having increasing amounts of international students and study abroad programs at higher education level worldwide. This has also lead to an increase in people looking to work and live in Australia after their studies

International students choose to attend Australian universities for many reasons:

Quality over Quantity

There are around 1,100 Australian institutions, a relatively small number compared to the 4,140 institutions found in the U.S. But the global appeal to study Down Under is holding fast, with it consistently being ranked the third most popular study location in English-speaking countries. This growing interest has meant Australian universities have been rapidly expanding to meet the demand for high quality education that’s second-to-none.

Invested in Learning

The Australian Government accommodated this growth process by actively prioritising education spending, recorded via articles like the Melbourne Institute Report on Returns to Investment in Higher Education. The report highlighted the need for funding and research grants due to the ‘Importance of Higher Education to the Economy’, and the benefits of undertaking a university degree.


Image courtesy of Curtin University

The investments have evidently paid off, because Australia’s Top 4 Universities all rank in the QS Top 50 Universities in the World.

Cultural appeal

As one of the most visited locations for study abroad, students in Australia are guaranteed to meet people from all over the world.  A blend of diverse backgrounds is at the very core of Australian cultural history, with the combined Indigenous populations, British colonialism, and vast history of immigration having created what is now one of the world’s biggest diversity hotspots, as collectively, Australians speak over 200 languages, with non-English languages spoken by 16% of the population.

International Support

One of the hardest things about choosing to study abroad is factoring in the different culture – how to fit in, be understood, and make connections in another country, as well as how to learn and succeed. Australian universities have many ways to support people who come to their country to learn: Anti-discrimination policies and movements like Racism No Way are implemented and taught in schools all the way down to primary level, creating a sense of social inclusion that exists outside the walls of the university. There are also increasing numbers of universities joining international partnerships and implementing online programs to reach more students than ever before.

Many Australian institutions actively embrace special cultural events and celebrations from all walks of life in religion, and language, as some universities host colour runs for the Hindu festival of Holi, and multicultural eateries on-campus, like Kutchi Deli Parwana at Flinders University, a trendy campus bistro that makes traditional Afghan street food. Cultural inclusions of this kind not only alleviate homesickness for international students, but increase the variation of the university experience by allowing students sample each other students’ cultures.

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Image courtesy of Flinders University

Australia is also fiercely proud of celebrating and teaching others about its own native and natural wonders. Its institutions are known for having course content and teaching environments unlike anywhere else in the world. Students can study about and learn directly from Indigenous people and their languages, as well as take once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work with Australia’s wildlife, like the iconic koala, in distinctive natural landscapes.

For a student choosing to study abroad, there is no better choice. The universities in Australia are some of the most highly-ranked in the world, and are also set in most desirable locations. International students receive more than just the unique atmosphere and laid-back attitudes of the locals, as the Australian university experience offers unique windows into other cultures, as students learn and develop skills in one of the most welcoming and evolving education networks on the planet.

Read on to learn more about the 4 rising stars of Australian education…


QUT is one of Australia’s fastest-growing research universities, inspiring students around the world with its innovative, global focus and real-world, applicable relevance. As an ambitious and collaborative higher learning institution, the university’s world-class programs are respected around the globe, consistently producing confident, competent graduates who are ready to take on the world.

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Image courtesy of Queensland University of Technology

Not only do QUT students gain a wealth of opportunities for practical workplace experience, they also get the chance to forge invaluable industry connections from which they draw great benefits as they progress through their careers. Both factors contribute to the university’s prestigious ranking in the 201-250 band in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017, as well as its 71-80 band globally in the inaugural QS Graduate Employability Ranking for 2016.

Located in bustling Brisbane, QUT is perfectly set in the capital of Queensland, boasting a multicultural population of around 2.12 million, with 25 percent of these residents originally hailing from overseas. Renowned for its laidback outdoor vibe and offering a range of enriching sporting, artistic, entertainment, cultural and nightlife activities, it’s hardly surprising that Brisbane is recognised, not only as one of the most popular study destinations in Australia, but also in the world.

Read the full profile…


One of the top 2% of the World’s Universities, Flinders is rising through the ranks in the world stage of higher education, and is a strong choice for those looking to study in Australia. Flinders has proved to be a popular choice among students with high scores on the International Student Barometer; the University reaches over 24,000 students across 15 study areas from Law, Science and Medicine, to Creative Arts, Health, and Business Studies.

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Image courtesy of Flinders University

Flinders offers courses at a variety of levels, with over 150 undergraduate programs, postgraduate courses and doctorates in over 14 fields of expertise. With the online course option and the dual subject course pathways, students studying at Flinders can be assured of having full rein of their learning experience.

The facilities at Flinders are outstandingly modern, like the Bedford Campus in Adelaide, its hi-tech Hub and Plaza opened this year as the new heart of the University, complete with study rooms, restaurants and eateries, computer labs, and a 2000 seat outdoor amphitheatre for outdoor cinema.

Built upon the school ethos of ‘Inspiring Achievement’, Flinders University is a driving force for innovation in education and industry, and is the home for unique learning models, like their Digital Health Research Centre at Tonsley, Australia’s Innovation District. Read the full profile…


Spread across 10 scenic locations in the iconic Greater Western Sydney area, WSU is a university growing in more ways than just size. With nursing courses ranked in the Top 50 in the World, and their Maths and Computer Science courses ranked 2nd in Australia, and 25th Worldwide, WSU is becoming known for its specialist course material.

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Image courtesy of Western Sydney University

Their courses span 15 subjects at undergraduate level, Forensics and Criminology, Tourism, Teaching, Engineering, and Law are just a few examples of the wide selection available for study, and for double degree options.  Postgraduate and research degree options are in abundance, and with the University’s Research receiving a world-class rank in 2015.

With a wealth of resources and courses for exchange and international students, Western Sydney University is proud to accommodate and celebrate its international learning community.


Hailed as Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse institutions, Curtin University boasts 53,000 students studying in Australia and across their seven international partner campuses, and via their prolific online program.  With staff and students coming from over 200 countries, Curtin is a cultural mixing pot and a perfect venue to study higher education, maximising students’ social and educational influences.

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Image courtesy of Curtin University

Curtin offers a strong spread of courses, with full accessibility to degrees, diplomas and postgraduate studies. A number of Curtin’s programs are also available through the Open University Australia, one of many online course options.

Agriculture and Sustainability, Indigenous studies, Language and Culture, Architecture and Construction are just a few examples of the courses taught here at all levels that have recognised global value.

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