Flinders University: 50 Years of Inspiring Achievements
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Flinders University: 50 Years of Inspiring Achievements

Graduating this year from its consistent acclaim for being one of the world’s Top Universities under 50 Years Old, Flinders University has become a major player among the best global institutes of education. Flinders is an establishment committed to embodying the adventurous dedication to success that was once shown by its namesake, historical cartographer and navigator, Matthew Flinders – the man who first identified Australia as a continent.

As one of the most popular universities in the region, Flinders is a strong candidate for any aspiring student. With a population of 24,700, the popularity of this university is highlighted by its abundant student body, made from a mix of domestic students and almost 5,000 international enrolments, Flinders boasts global appeal, achieving a high score year after year in the International Student Barometer.


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Surren Brendon, Bachelor of Science, said of their International student experience at Flinders: “I never felt so calm and good about studying abroad. Studying in Adelaide is like a dream come true for me.”

With 15 study areas to choose from, the course choices at Flinders are diverse and rewarding, with options such as Law, Science & Medicine, Creative Arts & Media, Computing, and International Relations. There are a staggering 170+ undergraduate courses on offer, with double course options, online courses and postgraduate courses and doctorates and master’s degrees in over 14 subject areas.

Bedford Park is Flinders’ stunning vista of a main campus, set against a lake in the vibrant city of Adelaide. The facilities are ultra-modern, with the newly built Hub and Plaza as its crowning star. The Hub features art studios and exhibition rooms, multi-level study lounges, and also houses a rich assortment of eateries and entertainment, including the Grind & Press café, The Tavern by Burger Theory, and the 2000-seat terraced amphitheatre for moonlit cinema nights.

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Flinders has been investing in rewarding connections to secure quality learning opportunities for its students, like the Digital Health Research Centre built at Tonsley, Australia’s first Innovation District, in Adelaide.  The University’s New Venture Institute is also breaking ground into producing future entrepreneurs via industry based learning in businesses and the community, and collaborated programmes with the Fox School of Business in the USA.

In the midst of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, Flinders has released its new 2025 Agenda to ride the wave of technological and educational innovation to success. Vice-Chancellor Colin J Stirling said in support: “I believe that Matthew Flinders would be proud of the achievements made by this University in the 50 years since its creation. Making a Difference will build on that legacy, ensuring that we continue to inspire achievement in the decades ahead.”

Flinders is a University that seeks to inspire students at every opportunity, taking care to uphold their four core values of ‘Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Excellence’ so that every facet and feature radiates the school’s ethos of ‘Inspiring Achievement’. Flinders has set itself goals, to strive towards moving from the top 2% to the top 1% of the World’s leading educators, and produce students who have a hunger for learning and adventure, with curiosity as their compass.

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