University of Queensland, Faculty of Science
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University of Queensland, Faculty of Science

Science at UQ

It’s an exciting time to study science.

The ways in which we collect, analyse and share information are transforming our understanding of the world from the sub-atomic to the global.

Scientific discovery and the application of science are vital if we are to meet the global challenges of sustainable energy production, feeding a growing world population, maintaining health and well-being, and managing the impact of climate change on our environment.

Ranked 51 in the world by the prestigious QS World University Rankings, The University of Queensland (UQ) offers you one of the widest choices of science disciplines in Australia and allows you to combine your science degree with business, law, arts, engineering or education.

Located in Brisbane, the capital city of the ‘Sunshine State’ Queensland, UQ features two city campuses and one rural campus. UQ students have access to a broad network of employers as well as some of the most biodiverse marine and terrestrial habitats on the planet.


Image courtesy of the University of Queensland

Integrated industry placements and field trips in many of UQ’s science programs allow you to gain practical skills and hands-on experience.

As a UQ Science graduate, you will enjoy a diverse array of career options including traditional science careers in health, biological and chemical sciences, maths and physics, and earth sciences, as well as incorporating broader options for careers in agriculture, veterinary science, food technology, planning and the environment.

Why study Science at UQ?

Here are some reasons that make studying science at The University of Queensland really exciting:

World-class learning facilities:

UQ has an active building program to continually improve on its state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities, as well as one of the world’s fastest information networks, one of Australia’s best research libraries, and modern teaching spaces that enable use of the latest technology.

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Image courtesy of the University of Queensland

Courses taught by experts:

Courses are taught by highly qualified academics who are experts in their fields. UQ has won more Australian teaching excellence awards than any of its national competitors, and therefore attracts the brightest students from around the world. With such highly-skilled and motivated teaching staff, UQ is well-equipped to support outstanding student outcomes.

A wide array of research opportunities:

Consistently rated among Australia’s top three universities for research, UQ’s students and staff-members are involved in research across a wide range of topics.

In addition to postgraduate and doctoral research; research opportunities are also available at undergraduate study levels. As a UQ science student you will have opportunities to engage with science research teams, tour active research laboratories, and get involved in research group placements.

Current research at the Faculty of Science is being conducted in areas as diverse as agriculture, biomedical science, chemistry, ecology, evolutionary biology, physics, marine and environmental sciences.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Research program with award-winning UQ researchers to apply your theoretical knowledge to real life projects.

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Image courtesy of the University of Queensland

UQ invests heavily in its research facilities to meet the needs of students, staff and industry, including in more than 1800 labs, extensive glasshouse facilities and two marine research stations located at North Stradbroke Island, on Brisbane’s doorstep and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef,  described as a researcher’s paradise.

An excellent career-support team:

UQ qualifications are highly regarded by Australian and international employers, and the employment rate and starting salary for UQ graduates is considerably higher than the Australian average. As a UQ student you benefit from a dedicated career support team at UQ’s Career Hub who will assist you in finding a job relevant to your skills and career aspirations.

Multiple campuses:

Science programs are offered at UQ’s city campus in St Lucia, and specialist agriculture, animal and plant programs including veterinary science are offered at their rural Gatton campus.

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