Predictive Analytics at Curtin – Improving the knowledge of new technologies
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Predictive Analytics at Curtin – Improving the knowledge of new technologies

“Within data is knowledge that could change lives.” – Atul Butte, Leading Biomedical Informatics Researcher

Known to hold the third-largest international student population in the country, Curtin University is the largest and most culturally diverse institution in the Western Australia region. With its innovative approach to teaching and research, Curtin places heavy emphasis on industry connections and practice-based learning experience, and remains intent on delivering excellence in every sense of the word, cementing its position as a leading global university.

“With an expanding global presence, including locations in Perth, Malaysia and Singapore, Curtin University boasts a rich diversity in its students and staff, and a commitment to global engagement,” says Professor Deborah Terry, Vice-Chancellor of the University.

“…By being exposed to business and industry during their studies,” she adds, “students can expect to graduate career-ready with highly sought-after knowledge, skills and experience. In addition, students may be able to benefit from being exposed to research conducted at Curtin that can make a real difference to industry and the community.”

Curtin – Global leader in Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin perfectly combines theory with practical study, presenting world-class facilities alongside innovative teaching methods to prepare students for their respective careers. Classes are held in the custom-built Curtin Resources and Chemistry Precinct and the Curtin Engineering Pavilion Complex; sophisticated, stimulating and inspiring learning settings that encourage problem-based learning, group collaboration and the unique chance to share ideas with leaders of the industry. The majority of the Faculty’s extensive course portfolio allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional work environment.

As we progress further into the digital age, the big data revolution flourishes around us, and our lives become increasingly influenced by real-time customer data and consumer analytics. And as companies do all they can to better understand our buying behaviours, identifying possible risks while taking advantage of opportunity, there’s growing demand for data analysts who possess the perfect blend of technical and analytical expertise needed to meet the challenge. Consistently striving to meet industry demand and bolster graduate prospects, Curtin’s unique two-year Master of Predictive Analytics is a sure-fire way to succeed in this field.

Master of Predictive Analytics

Known as the only course worldwide that simultaneously trains scientists, engineers and business people in the use of smart technologies for management and decision-making in the industrial and commercial fields, Curtin’s Predictive Analytics programme is particularly attractive to budding hopefuls of this discipline. With the programme’s high degree of flexibility, students are given the chance to leave with a Graduate Certificate after one semester, or a Graduate Diploma after one year, or of course a full Master’s degree after two full years of study.

Not only does this mean students benefit from maximum flexibility, allowing them to accommodate the level of asset management knowledge needed to secure full-time employment in their chosen field, but the sheer scale of adaptability cannot be found on this course anywhere else in Australia – or even in the world.


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Designed to educate participants in the knowledge needed to understand data analytics, including basic programming and computing issues, this is a truly multi-disciplinary programme, incorporating aspects of engineering, management, business and finance which can be applied to virtually any sector. With these expertise firmly underway, students advance through various aspects of project management relating to people, finance or infrastructure. To ensure students gain necessary exposure to industry long before they graduate, Curtin lays on unique opportunities for students to collaborate on various industry projects, or on analytics problems through industry-sponsored endeavours, the CISCO Internet of Everything Innovation Centre, the Curtin Institution for Computation, and beyond.

All programme participants must pursue an initial semester of ‘basics’, including topics like decision methods, predictive analytics, data management and data security, with the optional modules of computing, programming, quantitative business techniques or data analytics with statistics, with a broad range of entry requirements promoting a diverse student body.

The course is primarily focused on improving knowledge surrounding new technologies, allowing students to apply this within real-world business settings. While scientists and engineers may be required to develop applications for smarter asset management, commerce graduates may need to understand how predictive analytics work with smart technologies in the finance world, or otherwise understand how to take advantage of new smart technologies for the purpose of boosting productivity at the bottom line. While asset management was never previously associated with much in the way of formal training, its needs are certainly changing fast, making Curtin’s combination of technical and analytical education the perfect tool to tackle the complex challenge.

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Ultimately, the programme produces confident, job-ready graduates with the competence needed to meet industry demand in both Australia and the world. From resources, to finance, to organisational management and beyond, Curtin is assisting the global analytics business in ways that have not been possible before. This is beneficial to both the general health, and the physical wealth, of the Australian region.

“I am proud of the Faculty’s culture of innovation, which encourages excellence, leads to strong relationships with government and industry, and provides the opportunity to find solutions to today’s most pressing challenges,” Professor Andris Stelbovics, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty, concludes. “Curtin Science and Engineering students, researchers and academics have the opportunity to work in sophisticated, stimulating and creative learning environments where discovery abounds.”

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