SAGE: Seamlessly integrating ERP with CRM to accelerate businesses
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SAGE: Seamlessly integrating ERP with CRM to accelerate businesses

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As the top leaders in accounting solutions for small-medium businesses (SMB), SAGE has looked at how to improve business processes from every angle – that’s why their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution works seamlessly with the customer relationship management (CRM) solution, enabling your company to run efficiently from every aspect.

SAGE believes in a business-wide approach to getting the most out of the systems you invest in. This means linking CRM to ERP as a strategy that is all-encompassing, bringing back-end information to the front-end to deliver results that speak for themselves. Quick information processing, self-service order entry by rep, and better visibility of inventory are all key benefits of an integrated ERP and CRM system.

laptop-with-x3-screenshot-jpg-1024x551  SAGE realizes that a disconnected system simply does not work. Regardless of the size of a company, streamlining large volumes of information into appropriate departments and sections is a necessary process in order to help employee productivity along. Having a system that isn’t integrated will only serve to slow that process down, and in turn, hurt the company’s ability to run efficiently. It can result in inaccurate information, unnecessary paperwork, disconnected data, and inefficient business processes.

By recognizing these challenges, SAGE has been able to develop an integrated system that gives businesses full control over every part of operations. It offers you a complete view of CRM and ERP interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time customer information. SAGE also helps you develop campaigns that are more targeted and reach the right people quickly, which in turn helps deliver a better return on your marketing budget.

Doing business these days means that the customer is always at the fore of any decision made – with the age of digital transformation, e-commerce, and mobile transactions, businesses need a CRM that is optimized to suit their specific industry and customers’ needs. SAGE CRM is now a business strategy that optimizes profitability, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing customer-centric processes, while their ERP helps re-engineer your business from the back-end so that everything comes together to form a frictionless environment.

Thermo-Twin Industries, a window manufacturer in the U.S., found that having an integrated system was a cost-effective and much more dynamic way of improving key sales figures. Dennis LeVan, IT Manager of Thermo-Twin, said: “We scaled back the department and spent the money elsewhere to get a better return. We have better visibility, not just of sales but where the leads are coming from. It has helped us rethink our strategies.”

Never miss a sales opportunity again because you’re too busy trying to make sense of silos of information and shuttling between the back-end and the front-end to keep your business going – SAGE’s complete system allows you to streamline all business processes to push your company’s potential to its best.

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