Curtin University: Helping you thrive within Business, Management and Engineering
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Curtin University: Helping you thrive within Business, Management and Engineering

“I’m currently in the Masters of Engineering Management second trimester at Curtin University. I find the course provides a nice cultural mix and an age-diverse environment that allows extensive networking in the wonderfully safe Western Australian city of Perth. Teamwork assignments with fellow students (many already managers and directors), mean knowledge comes from lecturers, as well as experienced classmates.” – Sarahi Gonzalez Mendozam, international student from Mexico

Business has always been a valuable and steady jumping off point for any student or professional looking to further their career and bolster their prospects. The benefits of MBA programmes and Business degrees is well-documented with graduates with master’s degrees from business schools earning the highest starting salaries in Australia.

But in this ever-evolving world, it takes more than just business expertise to get you noticed. Curtin University understands this and so delivers courses that not only look at business, but are relevant to some of the world’s most dynamic industries and sought-after careers.

Blending research, theory and real-world practical study, the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Curtin Graduate School of Business at Curtin University have the resources on-hand to prepare you for any career. Through an extensive array of specialist courses delivered by world-leading experts of their respective fields, Curtin represents the ideal place to kick-start your professional ascent into the world of business with a more focused area of expertise to hone your direction.


As a forward-facing institution, Curtin understands the competitive nature of today’s employment market. Striving to give graduates the very best start in working life, many of the University’s programs in business and management intersect with the respected science and engineering disciplines, instilling in students an innate entrepreneurial spirit, while highlighting Curtin’s commitment to catering for every diverse industry and sector.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Curtin’s cross-disciplinary provisions:

MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Standing as the nation’s only MBA specifically-tailored to the business of oil and gas, there’s no better way to get a foot in the door to success than through this innovative course. Recognising the rising demand for senior managers and executives equipped with knowledge and expertise relevant to the diverse energy sector, Curtin works in partnership with Aberdeen Business School and leading figures of industry to offer this unparalleled specialist course.

Through a curriculum that merges oil and gas experience and energy management with the core requirements of the Curtin MBA, this program ensures all students leave adorned with a broad comprehension regarding the general principles of management, alongside an extensive knowledge-base of all things oil and gas.

Project Management

Pledging a detailed approach to the subject of project management, Curtin’s postgraduate offerings in Project Management serves as a shoehorn to any career.

Here, students delve into the critical aspects of the project lifecycle, learning the value of planning, organisation, and of course control. The prospect of time management is also integral to this course, covering crucial factors like time programming and scheduling, line of balance, time estimation, constraints, resources, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Master of Engineering Management

In a business marked by hierarchy and career progression, it’s common for many practising engineers to find themselves climbing the ranks to management at a break-neck pace. Due to the definitive management requirements facing today’s qualified engineers, a Master of Engineering Management degree will leave you far better off than a generic degree in commerce.

“The Master of Engineering Management program is a great choice for practitioners and engineers and those who seek managerial roles,” says Curtin student, David Ulises Madrigal Sanchez. “This course, rather than trying to increase technical knowledge, builds upon your original Bachelor’s degree to develop a business profile capable to lead teams effectively.”

Designed to serve the needs of those with limited previous exposure to management in the course of their undergraduate degree, Curtin’s Master of Engineering Management feeds business and leadership expertise throughout this ground-breaking program, granting students a sought-after skillset that will invigorate their global career.

MSc Mineral and Energy Economics

This course appreciates the business and economic framework in equal measure, equipping students with a sound knowledge of economic, financial, management, legal, regulatory, political and social environments. Targeting mid-career resource experts keen to progress to a more decision-based position, this course weaves expertise from the Western Australian School of Mines with knowledge from Curtin Business School to create an unrivalled learning experience.

From exploration to extraction and, of course, the overall processing strategy – mineral and energy economics is a lucrative and exciting field of study, while the cross-disciplinary nature of this profession means education predominantly takes place at the elite postgraduate level.

Master of Predictive Analytics (Finance and Investment stream)

Exclusive not just to Curtin, but to the whole of Australia, this program rides the waves of the bid data boom to elevate your career. As companies race to harness data to predict potential risks and opportunities, the growing demand for data analysts with the ideal blend of technical and analytical capabilities can be seen throughout global industry.

Curtin’s Finance and Investment stream embeds economic and financial econometric analysis within the intricate data and predictive analytic framework. As such, the course produces data and predictive analytics mavericks with fluid knowledge of economic, finance and business data, all while future-proofing their graduate career.

Master of International Business and Entrepreneurship

This is the perfect route for students looking to progress far beyond domestic markets, equipping them with invaluable global perspectives and expertise that gives them the confidence to pursue their start-up, employee or even founding venture.

Here, students quickly learn the tricks of the trade surrounding universal business and international entrepreneurship. The University’s convenient proximity to the innovation hubs like Technology Park, plus its lasting relationship with the Curtin Intellectual Property Commercialisation ecosphere, brings students face-to-face with real-world case studies and networking opportunities with some of industry’s most influential figures.

Change the Science and Engineering game with a respected degree from Curtin…

“I am proud of the Faculty’s culture of innovation, which encourages excellence, leads to strong relationships with government and industry, and provides the opportunity to find solutions to today’s most pressing challenges,” concludes Professor Andris Stelbovics, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty. “Curtin science and engineering students, researchers and academics have the opportunity to work in sophisticated, stimulating and creative learning environments where discovery abounds.”

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