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Eana Maniebo

Eana Maniebo is a writer who hates using and reading dangling modifiers. She loves writing about economic issues of Latin American countries. She became a journalist to leave a distinguished mark on the world in the form of an intelligent piece with a byline. She plans to travel across the world to diversify her soul, one backpack at a time.

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A load of bull? Bovine escapes slaughterhouse in Uruguay

Residents from a quiet neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay, were soon given a rude awakening, after a bull was found strolling the capital’s streets. The bull reportedly escaped from a slaughterhouse in the district...

A student’s triumph: University education is now free in Chile

Thousands of Chilean students previously unable to afford higher education tuition fees can now breathe a sigh of relief,  as the long, hard battle towards free university education has been realized with Gratuity...