Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy is a freelance journalist with an MA in Latin American Studies from the Institute of the Americas, University College London. Flitting between the south of England and Central America, she has reported on the environment, mining, hydroelectric dam development, land conflicts, and human rights. Her work has been published in The Independent, Intercontinental Cry, Briarpatch, Earth Island Journal, and CorpWatch.

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Belize and Guatemala military clash on southern border

Tensions between Belize and Guatemala at an “all-time high” following a military clash on Saturday (March 12) at the Sarstoon River on the southern Belizean border. A press statement from the...

Indigenous governor murdered in Cauca, Colombia

An indigenous Yanacona governor has been murdered in Colombia’s south-western department of Cauca in what native authorities believed was a targeted attack. Willer Alexánder Oimé Alarcón, Governor of the Indigenous Resguardo Río Blanco –...